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Can you imagine having one special place where you can find a world of information created just for you? Well, now it exists and it’s called Wikiloc Planet!

Welcome to a place that is full of articles to explore and partake in the essential corners of our planet that we cherish so much and take care of, as well as the world of sport and outdoor activities, and even well-being. It is a new area to discover what intends to be both motivating and inspirational for many, promoting and instilling healthyhabits for both ourselves and the planet. 

A planet of values

At Wikiloc, we wished to create this spot to share information with you that we believe to be crucial, as well as some of our interests and concerns. So that, whenever and wherever you like, you can take a moment to disconnect and learn more information, which we strongly believe will be useful for you. While putting this together, we stayed true to our core values

After 15 years of the constant drive to excel by everyone participating on Wikiloc, the feeling of belonging to a community is immense. The shared optimism, honesty, enthusiasm, excitement and ambition of all those with a passion for outdoor activities have made this journey so rewarding. 

Thanks for believing in Wikiloc, for the safety and protection transmitted through shared knowledge, as well as enjoying and preserving nature and inspiring good practices. 

There is so much we want to thank you for and explain in the first Wikiloc Planet article. If we take a look at the sections this new space will be made up of, we will see five different kinds. Will you come along with us on this journey to the five corners of this new planet? 


Impressive image of the Fimmvörðuháls Volcano in Iceland, where the four elements (earth, fire, air and water) can be seen simultaneously.
Fimmvörðuháls Volcano in Iceland – Photo from @HaraldJóhannesson

This is a place where you will find the quintessential trails according to the community on Wikiloc. It is a place for discovering a list of either the most relevant trails in various places throughout the world by places or themes. In Discovery, you will come across places that are vital for enjoyment, feeling, to fall in love with its nature and authenticity. There are trails across the globe that are full of biodiversity. 

To begin with, you will discover the most beautiful places in the Pyrenees, an incredible mountain range which leaves no visitor indifferent. We will challenge you to be daring enough to get up close to one of the most famous active volcanoes in the world. We will tell you about the Island of Ireland, a fascinating destination known for its shamrocks and Celtic magic. Moreover, we will explore the Valley of Benasque so you can get to know some of the secrets of the Aragonese Pyrenees’ greatest treasure.

Naturally, many of you have already read some of these articles, but now you will have traveled to a new planet, its new setting. 

Great Stories

Mikel Bringas and his bicycle on the mountain pass of “Khardung La” in India.
Mikel Bringas in “Khardung La” in India – Photo from @Bizibidaia

This is an area where you will find experiences being told first-hand or articles based on interviews with members from the community on Wikiloc or experts from the realm of the outdoors

In this spot on Wikiloc Planet we wish to show appreciation for the effort and the personal achievements of great human beings with an amazing heart. In this great small place, you will come across awesome stories about people deeply involved in improving the quality of life for the planet, and for those who live here, to the point that you can feel their emotions and feelings. This rings true in the story of Juan Trochas, a Colombian journalist immersed in the adventure of giving happiness through an inclusive cycling project while also showcasing some of the most beautiful corners in his region. 

In ‘Great Stories,’ we also wish to give some well-deserved recognition to those from the community that are truly enthralling and have played an important role in making us what and where we are today. This space is where you can read the experiences of individuals with a life full of adventure and challenges. For instance, join us in the article where Mikel Bringas, who has spent the last 25 years cycling in mountain ranges, recounts his memories. Experience the great cycling trails Mikel gives an account of along five magnificent mountain ranges around the globe. 

Useful Tips

A mobile phone with an offline map from Wikiloc on the screen
An offline map

Do not miss out on this area with guides and recommendations related to the world of outdoor sport. This is a great opportunity for us to continue learning and discovering useful tips about this marvellous world of outdoor activity. Our intention is to increase our awareness as well as giving a sense of being safer and better protected

This section kicks off with the two Spanish entities, the National Geographic Institute and the National Center for Geographic Information, explaining how to interpret basic information on some of the most popular maps available on Wikiloc. It is followed with the fundamental advice to enjoy the mountains safely as reviewed with the Mountain Intervention Unit of the Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan Police Force). 

Planet & Wellness

Ploggers gathering trash on a beach during a plogging outing
Ploggers in action – Photo from Plogging RRevolution

It is precisely on Wikiloc Planet that we cannot leave out a section that deals with personal and planet wellness, since Wikiloc is driven to promote enthusiasm for having good practices. 

With the optimism that defines us, here we will talk about healthy activities for both our person and the planet. One of these activities is plogging, a new activity that is all the rage centered around the conservation of nature. What better way is there to learn about it than to have a sport and ecological organization that sets up plogging encounters to explain what it is and how to do plogging?

Remember that after us will come new generations that deserve a decent legacy. Continuing to improve the environment on this planet is up to all of us. Together we can do it! 


The world never ceases to change, we are constantly evolving, which is why, on Wikiloc Planet, we want you to be up-to-date on all the latest news related to Wikiloc. This is the ideal area to make sure you don’t miss an iota of everything relevant when it comes to Wikiloc. 

Did you know that outdoor activity and sport has seen an increase in practically the whole world in just the last couple of months? That’s what we’ve witnessed at Wikiloc! 

What’s next?

This has only just begun. This is just a sample of the content you will be able to find on Wikiloc Planet. Can you imagine what is to come? 

Thanks so much for giving us a read and for being part of Wikiloc! Welcome, Wikilocian, to Wikiloc Planet!

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