16.97 mi

Elevation gain

702 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

719 ft

Max elevation

3,040 ft



Min elevation

2,566 ft

Trail type

One Way




November 1, 2017
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3,040 ft
2,566 ft
16.97 mi

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near Victoria Falls, Matabeleland North (Zimbabwe)

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The start starts at the Zambei Cruise Terminal at 8:00 am, where we will take a boat that will take us on a tour of the Zambezi River, where we can find a multitude of animal fauna, such as hippos, elephants, crocodiles ... Also during the We will be able to see the sunrise and Victoria Falls. At the end of the river trip, the boat will leave us again in the same terminal from where we left, where we will take a car to a Natural Park, where you can watch and donate crocodiles (Victoria Falls Crocodrile Park).
Next to the Natural Park there is an animal reserve (Zambei Nature Sanctuary), which we can visit, this visit stands out because in the center we cure and reproduce animals that are injured or in danger of extension. In addition they are also in charge of the monitoring of the Safaris and Natural Parks for the protection of the fauna. At the end of this visit we will go to lunch at a restaurant called Zambezi House that is typical of Zambian culture and is of high quality.
After lunch we will take a car that will take us to Victoria Falls City, but along the way we will take a few stops and we will have views of Zambezi National Park. The first stop will be in The Big Tree, it is a monumental tree with a great history in front of this tree we have views of a golf park where many international tournaments have been held and where we can see that the river is supplied with Water needed to keep all that land. The next point will be Devil's Fall, a waterfall next to the Victoria Falls. Next we will go to the city where we will be in an area where there is an art museum Zambezi (Elephant Walk), a shopping center and a park of snakes.
Making the route through this area will return to take the car that will take us to the Ressort, to reach the hotel we will have to change the country from Zambia to Zimbabwe and cross the River through Victoria Falls Bridge. When arriving to the other side of the Bridge the car will take us to AVANI Victoria Falls Ressort where before sunrise we will make a walking route to a viewpoint and we will see the Victoria Falls for the last time, then we will go to the Ressort where it is already 'They will assign the rooms and then a dinner with music and dance awaits you.

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Mountain hut

AVANI Victoria Falls Resort

L'allotjament de quatre estrelles, romàntic i al costat del riu.
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Riu Zambezi

One of the largest and best rivers of all African, with a very rich animal and plant life.

Victoria Falls crocodile park

Un centre amb més de 50 crocodrils i caimans.

Zambezi Nature Santuary

Centre encargat dela cura i vigilancia de fauna salvatge.

Zambezi National Park

El parc natural de Zambezi.
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Zambezi House

A restaurant located in front of the river and with traditional dishes, which will leave you with your mouth open.

Golf Course

Un camp de golf inmens situat al costat del riu.

The Big Tree

Un arbre espectacular d'unes dimensions increibles.
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Devil's Fall

A small but imposing waterfall located next to the Victoria Falls

Elephant Walk

Un museu situat a la ciutat de Victoria Falls sobre art Africà

Snake Park

Un parc de serps amb més de 25 espécies.

Curio Shops and Creature World

Un petit centre comercial, per comprar records d'aquestes terres.

Zimbabwe-Zambia Border Post

Per canviar de País, les aduanes.
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Victoria Falls Bridge

A bridge that crosses the river and where you can see spectacular views.
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Vic Falls

A place next to the Victoria Falls on, is perfect for taking pictures and watching the sunset.
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Victoria Falls

One of the most important icons in all of Africa and one of the best waterfalls in the world. Its height is 108m and it is someone unique and incredible.


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