14.24 mi

Elevation gain

2,077 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

2,077 ft

Max elevation

2,891 ft



Min elevation

2,438 ft

Trail type



2 hours 10 minutes




March 11, 2012


March 2012

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2,891 ft
2,438 ft
14.24 mi

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near Hamilton Estates, North Carolina (United States)

This is a great run that can be added on to or subtracted from depending on your knowledge of DuPont and what your needs are for your training. Invest in a map and take a look at the trails and the directions I give you here.

Guion Farm parking lot off of Sky Valley Rd. Take Tarklin Branch Rd to left turn on Thomas Cemetary. Left on Buck Forest and then a right turn on Isacc Heath and then continue forward on to Locust. Cross Lake Imaging Rd. and take Hilltop loop. Go right on Lake Imaging and right on Buck Forest. Left on Conservation and then left on Pitch Pine. Follow past Lake Dense and turn right on Three Lakes Trail before you run "into" Lake Alford. From this end of Three Lakes there is no trail name sign. Just a small sign saying "trail" attached to a tree. Follow Three Lakes to a left back onto Conservation. Go right on Shelter Rock Trail and then turn left on Airstrip Trail. At the top, you will run on the actual airstrip for a short distance and merge right back onto Conservation Rd. Take a right on Scarlet Oak and then head right on Fawn Lake Rd. back to Conservation. At this point you are making your way back to where you began. Follow Conservation and turn right on Joanna Rd. Next turn left on Chestnut Oak Rd. Turn right on Buck Forest and take back to the parking lot.

I really enjoyed this run and plan to add on to it for longer training runs.


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