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Time  2 hours 47 minutes

Coordinates 668

Uploaded February 19, 2016

Recorded February 2016

23 f
-103 f
4.5 mi

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near Barber (Curacao)

This hike brings you first to the Suplado, a strange natural hole in the ground, through which the ocean can be seen churning underneath. From there, it's a short walk north to the Boka Santu Pretu, and then south to Boka Patrick. The latter is a wide, sandy beach (unswimmable) where there is an unfortunate amount of plastic trash, but which is otherwise beautiful.

The path back to the trailhead gets a little confusing, as it enters the woods and is poorly marked. It's tempting to return to the road, but the intrepid will discover the ruins of the old Patrick Plantation House, as well as the walls of what we supposed to be a former reservoir.


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