5,938 f
2,421 f
5.51 mi

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near Arthur’s Pass, Canterbury (New Zealand)

This route is the up and back route to Avalanche Peak. After peaking, I explored the peaks south of Avalanche for about an hour.

I rated this 'difficult' because of the conditions. It rained hard the day before up until about 10:00 am on the day of the hike. So the trail was pretty damp, making the rocks slippery. The slope is pretty steep, too. And when you get near the top, there are several spots where you have to scramble over large boulders.

There are spots near the top where the trail is narrow and the drop on each side is steep. If I suffered from vertigo, I'd think twice about this hike.

On this day, the clouds never disappeared so there was little view. When it's clear, the view must be magnificent!


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