• Photo of End of truck safe trail

Time  one hour 53 minutes

Coordinates 478

Uploaded March 12, 2016

Recorded March 2016

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2,165 f
1,998 f
3.45 mi

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near Vega, Alberta (Canada)

Up to waypoint is ok for jeeps and trucks with minor lift/tires in the winter. Mud will make it much more difficult.
End of truck safe trail


  • EddyJones Sep 15, 2016

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    More for bikes and quads

  • Photo of Tandyboy

    Tandyboy Oct 22, 2018

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    Some really cool sandy inclines and declines, mixed with a good amount of mud holes that are easy to get stuck in.

    Definitely go kitted out with a winch + accessories and a friend to hold position to pull you out. Also, don't forget some good boots for slopping around the mud in.

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