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16 f
43.52 mi

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near Porto de Lagos, Faro (Portugal)

Track cedido por Faria

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2E ZE4

Arge - Arge

2E ZE1

Casas Velhas - Casas Velhas

2E ZE2

Arriqueta - Arriqueta

2E ZE3

Pardieiro Fornalha - Pardieiro Fornalha


N266 - N266

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  • Expoacco Mar 5, 2016

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Right After passing the first water the original trail will lead You to a closed gate, so the Track is not possible to follow. So I kept going searching myself interesting directions. With a Look from Time to Time on the wikiloc Screen You will find Your Way back in the Original.
    After probably half of the Track very close to the Giant Electric plant the Tour is bot possible to Continue because of Chance in the landscape and new erected fences.
    In March 2016 the dead-end Starts Art the Point, wehre You suddenly See the Plant in the next Valley.
    Of You now Continue You Drive a narrow path on the Edge with no Chance to turn. Even with more than One 4x4 i would Consumer this Last Part als dangerous.
    But the Tracks in the middle were really Nice. The passages through water will surely differ throughout the seasons.
    Really enjoyed it
    LR/Discovery 3

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