• Photo of To the mountain shelter Pume on Dinara.

Time  4 hours 25 minutes

Coordinates 5763

Uploaded October 2, 2017

Recorded October 2017

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5,417 f
1,437 f
25.95 mi

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near Vulići, Splitsko-Dalmatinska (Hrvatska)

Please read before you follow this route!

The trail goes to one of the most beautiful mountain shelter in Croatia. The view from the Shelter is maybe the best view at all from any Shelter in Croatia. You see three "layers", the mountains, the Peruča lake, and the Adriatic sea.

The trail is from beginning very easy, some easy macadam driving. At 13,2 km you turn right, that is the point where the really off roading begin. The first mistake we made was on 17,4 km. Do not turn right, keep driving forward (left). If you go to drive right, after about 100-150 meters you reach to the end of the "road" (a conquer barricade). The path is all the way more or less bumpy, the track is sometime rocky and sometime grassy. But the rocks are always there.

At the 18,5 km TURN RIGHT!
If you do not turn right you will go straight in to a mine field left over from the war period 1991-1995. The road is very bumpy, full of big rocks, and you will not have an place wide enough to turn round and go back. We did make over 4 km thru the minefield (there is a marked path thru the mine field) to find a place wide enough to turn back. If you did not read this text until now and you ended in the minefield, read it now. All the time, the "road" thru the minefield is marked, and there are all the way warning signs that around you are minefields, keep going until you find a enough wide place to turn round and go back to the safety.
The rest off the track is all the way more or less bumpy with some nice rocks. D
The last 2-3 km of the path are very bumpy and step.

For this track a underbody protection for your car is highly recommended. Or at least a good co-driver that will navigate you at some places to drive 10 cm to the left or 10 cm to the right. ;)

Highly recommended track, but be prepared and do not be foolish, because being foolish can be deadly.

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    HiluxFra Jul 25, 2019

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    Very Nice route with beautiful nature.
    Be careful, the way to the shelter is also the way back. Zo download the route on your device. There is no signal in the mountains and the way back is nog very clear. You also cross the border with Bosnië. Take your paspoort with you, Just in case.

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