221.31 mi

Elevation gain

11,463 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

11,463 ft

Max elevation

13,854 ft


66 4.7

Min elevation

7,559 ft

Trail type



9 hours 7 minutes




December 11, 2015


November 2015
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13,854 ft
7,559 ft
221.31 mi

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near San Pedro de Atacama, Antofagasta (Chile)

This trail was made with a tour agency, its normally called just Piedras Rojas (red stones), it suppose to include all the places in the tour Lagunas Altiplanicas (plateau lakes), but goes a little bit further to reach the red stones for the extra price.

Entrances fee: at Laguna Miscanti y Meñiques, and in Laguna Chaxa too.
Walking, Hiking: the tour don't allow too much time to do that but there is almost no place where you can do it, short walks can be done with the waiting time they give to you. Most of the places are reserves so you cannot just walk freely.
Times: the earlier the better, avoid crowds, specially in Piedras Rojas, otherwise you won't get any good picture. The other places it will be annoying if too many people but ok to take pictures.
Weather: extremely windy and dry, bring windproof jacket, gloves, glasses or your eyes will dry, lips balm is very useful, skin moisturiser is good idea to bring.
When you head to Laguna Chaxa (in Atacama Desert) the weather will change a lot, very hot and dry, bring sun screen.
Wildlife: for me it was easy to see vicuñas, flamingos not so easy, just few in Laguna Chaxa, some other animals its difficult to spot.

Crazy difficult to understand, they merge with other companies, so if you pay more its not necessary a better service, you might end up in the vehicle of other agency with cheaper price. The driver is the important thing here, if you don't book a pack of tours and you meet a good driver in some tour ask how to do more tours with him. Usually the tours are done in mini van, 12 to 20 passengers, so there are not many stops to take pictures on the road, only the main destination (too much time getting everyone out and in again) the vehicle for some reason normally cannot open the window. Getting a private tour in a car might be very good idea so you can skip boring places, ask for more stops on the go. No idea the price for private tour, try find more people and share


  • Photo of Socaire

Piedras Rojas

  • Photo of Piedras Rojas
  • Photo of Piedras Rojas
  • Photo of Piedras Rojas

Laguna Miscanti Viewpoint 1


Laguna Miscanti Viewpoint 2

  • Photo of Laguna Miscanti Viewpoint 2

Laguna Meñiques

  • Photo of Laguna Meñiques
  • Photo of Laguna Meñiques

Laguna Chaxa

  • Photo of Laguna Chaxa
  • Photo of Laguna Chaxa
  • Photo of Laguna Chaxa


  • Photo of Toconao
  • Photo of Toconao


  • Photo of tomasteh2o

    tomasteh2o Aug 13, 2016

    Muchas gracias

  • titoaverill Aug 27, 2016

    Muchas Gracias por la información. Se requiere de un vehículo doble tracción para esta ruta? saludos.

  • Photo of jeremaixs

    jeremaixs Aug 27, 2016

    no hace falta un vehículo especial, hay una parte que es camino de tierra si no me falla la memoria, pero no hay problemas con usar un vehículo normal. Asegurate de llevar una rueda de repuesto, parece que es muy fácil que se rompan, los tours de agencias los hacen en mini van, colectivos, sin problemas, cuando yo lo hice se rompió una rueda, la cambiaron y seguimos sin problemas, la mayor parte del camino es asfaltado

  • cyrielle.cote Mar 28, 2017

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Thank you !!

  • Photo of Celsoedu

    Celsoedu Mar 3, 2018

    Olá amigo, compensa dedicar um dia para essa rota?

  • Photo of jeremaixs

    jeremaixs Mar 3, 2018

    Celsoedu: si, esta ruta se hace en un día, aproximadamente 9 horas

  • Eldrey Gaio May 12, 2019

    Você conhece um guia para ir comigo de carro? É necessário carro 4x4?

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