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13.48 mi

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near Mtowabaga, Arusha (Tanzania)

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To count one an hour to go then two hours on the spot and another hour for the return.
Start at the camp and follow the trail. Cross the village and continue. Finally you arrive at the hot springs.
There, the water is at 40 ° C minimum and it boils in some places. There are magnificent heaps of yellow sulfur that form near the holes through which the gases escape. As Lake Natron is close to the only volcano in the world to emit natrocarbonate lavas and erosion has changed the lavas into clay and salt, the lake's water is super-salty. It contains halophilous algae, artemia and two species of flamingo: the pink flamingo and the little flamingo, the two species, feeding on artemia have turned pink! Flamingos are not the only birds. We also see cormorants, ibis ...
It's really worth it to go!

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  • Photo of pderand

    pderand Jul 7, 2013

    une piste assez difficile mais ca vaut vraiment le coup d'y aller

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