Time  one hour 50 minutes

Coordinates 1304

Uploaded March 16, 2016

Recorded March 2016

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3,360 f
1,529 f
10.51 mi

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near West Bench, British Columbia (Canada)

For the most part this is a fairly easy trail but can get pretty rocky and washed out on the way up to the peak after spring runoff.

On this particular trip do not follow the loop portion if you are in anything larger than a quad. We ended up on a single track hill climb that forced us to commit - the trail then hit a ton of fallen trees and eventually became impassable to a larger vehicle so we had to chance it down a fall line to get back onto a road.

Jerry mountain peak

Jerry mountain peak - a great scenic viewpoint with panoramic views of Penticton and Trout Creek.
Archaeological site

Old bike catwalks

Old bike catwalks left in the trees by mountain bikers.


  • Photo of Paxx

    Paxx Mar 16, 2016

    This is one of my favourite views of Penticton

  • Photo of Bteck

    Bteck Mar 18, 2016

    I have followed this trail  View more

    It is a fun area to explore we will have to get the After The Blacktop Ends Members back out to clear trail again. Thanks Paxx :)

  • warbad May 1, 2016

    The wife and I went out there yesterday. It was a great drive getting out to penticton (from Maple Ridge) which we had not been to yet but about 10 up the trail we noticed a no trespassing sign regarding the native land and requiring permissions from the chief amd another party (I forget). Not wanting to step on toes we turned back and never made it up. It was still a beautiful drive though! Next time I go out that way Ill try to hook up with someone who knows the areas ;)

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