• Video of 2020-03-03 Algeria stage 13

Time  5 hours 30 minutes

Coordinates 1218

Uploaded March 18, 2020

Recorded March 2020

1,937 ft
1,029 ft
78.0 mi

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near Illizi, Illizi (People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria)

Part of a 16 days 4x4 overland trip in Algeria. Local guide was necessary in Feb/Mar 2020.

Lots of sand / soft sand / dunes. Low range gear is necessary. Driving in sand skills are also highly recommended. Please carry lot of fuel (200L minimum) and water (30L/person). Fueling in Djanet is low quality (octane 90 and high sulfur disel only) otherwise OK in Algeria.

Full video of the entire trip is available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfgnpKIgXno



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