• Video of 2020-03-02 Algeria stage 12

Time  2 hours 5 minutes

Coordinates 352

Uploaded March 18, 2020

Recorded March 2020

4,640 ft
3,215 ft
14.48 mi

Viewed 30 times, downloaded 10 times

near Iherir, Illizi (People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria)

Part of a 16 days 4x4 overland trip in Algeria. Local guide was necessary in Feb/Mar 2020.

Lots of sand / soft sand / dunes. Low range gear is necessary. Driving in sand skills are also highly recommended. Please carry lot of fuel (200L minimum) and water (30L/person). Fueling in Djanet is low quality (octane 90 and high sulfur disel only) otherwise OK in Algeria.

Full video of the entire trip is available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfgnpKIgXno



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