Time  one day 5 hours 12 minutes

Coordinates 400

Uploaded March 27, 2017

Recorded January 2014

3,475 f
1,490 f
28.27 mi

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near Ballandean, Queensland (Australia)

Had a great weekend away with some great like-minded 4wd'ers (fellow Prado owners ;) ), exploring Sundown NP. The weekend was very hot but there was the occassional breeze which made it bearable.... Once through the gate of the Park, we aired down and I lead the way through a unmaintained track. Great way to start off with a few little washouts and rocky sections. One little washout gullies provided some playtime, but unfortunately for one of the Prado Drivers he slipped and came down on his aftermarket side step, bending it up into the body. the rest got through ok. We cont'd on with me leading and clearing some of the track.... when I remembered to :) I oftened forgot of the wider Prado's coming up behind me, but in the end it was that badly overgrown.... We finally reached Redrock Gorge campgrounds for lunch and did the usual walk down to the lookout. From here we headed back out and took another detour down another side track past another great out of the way camping area. The track also had some more interesting little sections which was more interesting than the normal rocky/dusty main road in. Eventually we reached the main track and made our way towards Burrows Waterhole, stopping along the way at the abandon mine site. Upon reaching the campgrounds, everyone did the usual setup, while the kids did what they do when there's a campfire involved. A couple of lads tried their hands at fishing, resulting in one of them catching the "Catch of the Day" Fish.... never seen anything like it b4. After the sun went down it was time to rest and put our feet up and relax and chat late into the night.... With the morning sunrise came the usual packup and a quick look around for the local grave site of Fredrick Burrow. Once this was located it was off to explore the other parts of the park, reaching our 1st rocky hill descent. The descent had varying tracks of hardness with people picking the safest way down. Once all was down it was off to the Rats Castle loop.  I usually veer left but wanted to give the hill-climb a go this time so we veered right. Upon reaching the hill-climb we all got out for a look. The initial comment was no, but I wanted to give it a go and off I went. The little Vitara did it with ease. One of the 120's fellas had a change of heart and with his F&R locked 120's prado gave it a go. He made it to the top with ease..... so with that encouragement, the rest of the 120 owners gave it a go, then the 150 owners followed. It was great to see the magic of the Traction control work on the 150's. It wasn't long b4 everyone was at the top. From here it was down the other side and onto another track that I wanted to explore. With time getting on, we decided to have a late lunch once we crossed the severn river. While a few were getting lunch together, a couple of us decided to walk to see where this track lead to.... we followed it for about 1k or so as it followed and rock hopped along the edge of the severn river. Knowing that time was getting on, the decision was made to leave the exploring of the track to next time.... a long weekend hopefully. After lunch we crossed the river again and cont'd following the Rats Castle loop, coming to the rocky river crossing section where wheel placement was the key. From this point it was back to the main track and up the steep descent that we 1st came down. From this point it was back to the main track and made our way back out to the main gate to say our farewells and head back home......
Sundown Resource Reserve
Sundown Resource Reserve
Sundown Creek


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