Time  4 hours 8 minutes

Coordinates 2272

Uploaded June 14, 2016

Recorded June 2016

1,191 f
807 f
17.02 mi

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near Glen Major, Ontàrio (Canada)

Part of the Trans Canada Trail system as it passes through Glen Major Forest, Walker Woods, Durham Regional Forest and a farm/field portion as it heads north to Uxbridge. The track is a combination hike through the forest and bike ride back to the start/stop. It can be done in either direction and could be done solely on a bike or as a hike. My hike time (the first 16.2 km) was 3 hours 40 minutes, the bike ride was around 40 minutes.

The area was very nice, it was a beautiful day and I enjoyed the trek. I did fall off the trail early (the portion from 3.2 km to 4.5 km isn't necessary) which made me pay a lot more attention to the maps. You are passing through 3 different tracts, each has numerous side trails, which means over 50 intersections (or opportunities for error). If you want to focus on enjoying the hike (vs pouring over multiple different maps) I would suggest downloading this trail.

Several nice sections of mature forest, lots of birds and small animals. North of Goodwood Road the trail becomes a lot less traveled and it skirts the edge of a field, a gravel pit, and a paddock. The majority of the bike ride back had little or no traffic but it was heavy on the Goodwood Road section (2.4 km). There were noticeable elevation changes, particularly on the bike.
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Int 29
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Int 33
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Int 36
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Int 38
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Int 16
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Int 14
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Int 10
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Int 9
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East Walker Woods Trailhead
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Unnamed intersection
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Int W6
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Int N 11
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Second unnamed intersection
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Goodwood Rd N6
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Reid Rd


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