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near Tróodos, Eparchía Lemesoú (Cyprus)

The Run
• 21km: Run starts from T2 and takes in two of the hardest and most scenic off road trails in Cyprus, the Atalanti and Artemis.
• The run course on the last kilometre follows the dirt road leading up to the summit of Mount Olympus. The last 300m are particularly steep and on rough terrain.
• The weather in the mountains can change very quickly. You should note that it is likely to be considerably cooler than Pafos. It is very dangerous to go up the mountain if you are too exhausted! It is also unsafe to let athletes enter the mountain in the dark.
• All competitors who make it to T2 will be brought back down in a bus.
• There will be 3 water and feed zones comprising of water, fruits, cakes and ready mixed carbohydrates at 3.5km, 13km and 17km of the run course. Competitors may also receive their own support only at these points.
Run Rules
• The run course is open to other people like hikers or runners.
• You may have a support runner who can only accompany you on foot – strictly no bikes on the run course. They must also carry the compulsory kit.
• Compulsory kit – [TBC but should include head torch, first aid kit, full body cover, map of run, liquid, food. May want to have a “skinny kit” and “full kit” option – skinny kit if weather is ok and full kit if weather poor]

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