Time  one day 8 hours 6 minutes

Coordinates 5698

Uploaded August 8, 2017

Recorded August 2017

9,395 f
2,270 f
17.85 mi

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near Na Logu, Bovec (Slovenija)

One of the classic routes to climb the highest peak of the Julian Alps, Triglav (2.864 m ASL). We left our car at the mouth of Zadnjica valley, close to the main road descending from Vršac mountain pass. At the beginning of the trail just beside the road there's only reliable source of potable water within the whole area.

To reach the chalet "Na Doliču" (2.151 m ASL) you´re about to climb up to 1600 height meters. The trail to chalet is not overly difficult but it's long and tiring. The chalet offers basic yet tasty food and drinks as well as simple accommodation. The trail to reach the summit from the chalet starts as a normal hiking one but subsequently turns to a modest climbing route secured by steel cables (not very difficult though and apart from a helmet, no special equipment is really neccessary).

Descending from the summit via another secured route we reached the other chalet, Dom Planika (2.420 m ASL) and eventually traversed back to the chalet "Na Doliču". I would recommend to get some refreshment and take some rest here before setting out for the hike back to the Zadnjica valley because the descent is as demanding as the ascent.


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    EmixUBU Jul 25, 2018

    thanks for the route! did you manage to book the acomodation by email web or mobile? Was the hut completely full or there is no real need for booking in advanced.


  • Photo of Byxtra

    Byxtra Jul 25, 2018

    Hi. It could be done either way. I made the booking by phone a week prior to our arrival. However there're some people hiking all the way to koća without having the accommodation arranged in advance and I guess usually there would be some spare beds available there. But obviously you cannot rely on that. By the time of our hike the koća was nearly full.

    So I would recommend booking in advance and doing it by phone. The staff is english speaking so it's really the easiest way.

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    EmixUBU Jul 25, 2018

    Great thanks for the info! just for those looking for thte mobile to contact them:;

    - Koca:
    [email protected]
    +386 (0)51 614 780

    - Planika:
    +386 (0)51 614 773
    no email.

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