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Uploaded June 12, 2011

Recorded June 2011

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4,875 f
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3.81 mi

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near North Pole, New York (United States)

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2-day hike to Whiteface Mountains (Day 1) and Esther (Day 2).
The climb to the top takes about 2:45 with a backpack of 20 kg (difficult and painful!), Otherwise it is faster and easier.

The climb is fairly regular over the first 3.5km with a rise of 600m. Bypassing Mount Lookout, it is flat (altitude 1200m) over a distance of 1.3km. Then we climb again on 1.3km to reach the summit.

We camped on the site of an old shelter. Nice corner with a place to make a fire and only 20 minutes from the summit.
Nice corner big enough to sleep 4 people and a place to make a fire. Also convenient because you are just 25 minutes from the Whiteface summit.
Hard with the backpack. We climb a distance of 1,5km for a difference of 200mm
Vue des montagnes (Marcy, Algonquin, etc) à partir de Marble
Vue du mont Esther.
View of the summit. To get water, you have to go to the entrance of the summit, in the bathrooms.

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