• Photo of Trois Mamelles - Centre Peak
  • Photo of Trois Mamelles - Centre Peak

Time  4 hours 39 minutes

Coordinates 660

Uploaded August 23, 2012

Recorded August 2012

2,240 f
933 f
5.7 mi

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near Palma (Mauritius)

Trail to the summit of the centre peak of Les Trois Mamelles mountain, Mauritius.
- Trail is a roundtrip to the round about at Palma.
- The road across Bassin Estate is gated (so use this track log to get to/from the start)
- Though there is a cairn on the sugar cane road marking the start of the path (Aug 2012), it might not be there when you visit, so pay close attention near the start of the mountain track as it is easy to miss. It is just a passage through some grass & shrubs lining the side of the sugar cane road.
- Leave your car somewhere where it will not block lorries working in the cane fields. There are very few places where to leave your car as you approach the start of the track, So best leave your car near the tarred road and walk starting from the sugar cane road.
- Path is relatively clear and easy to follow.
- Couple of 'tight' parts to the climb, but nothing scary or difficult.
Summit of Centre peak of Les Trois Mamelles mountain.
Viewpoint on ridge between Centre and West peaks.
Start of path. Look carefully through the grass and trees for the path as it is very easy to miss.


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