Time  one day 6 hours 59 minutes

Coordinates 5139

Uploaded September 1, 2014

Recorded August 2014

9,375 f
4,398 f
17.62 mi

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near Konjšica, Bohinj (Slovenija)

Hiking and mountaineering on Triglav in two days. On 30.08.2014 we successfully won the peak of Triglav (2864m) and stayed to overnight at the mountain home at Kredarica (2515m). Second morning we returned over the same path over mountain home "Vodnikov dom" (1817m) towards our starting point where we left our car. The weather was nice, just right, but only at the top there was fog...


  • Photo of Spidermenego

    Spidermenego Apr 12, 2018

    Hi. Do I need to climb in some part or is the path hiking...Do I need some equipment?

  • Photo of molany

    molany Apr 12, 2018

    Now there is much snow so if you decide do go there now you must have crampons and pickaxes. If you want to avoid snow than it is best to go in August. From Kredarica to peak there is ferata (cables) so it is good to have at least helmet or even ferata set for your own safeness but it is not necessarily...

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