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Recorded August 2017

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near Tamar, Kranjska Gora (Slovenija)

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Route with beginning and end in the pass or port of Vrsic, from where we will make the ascent to one of the renowned peaks of the Triglav Natural Park in Slovenia, the Prisojnik or Prisank (2.547m), which can be climbed by three different routes, we have chosen the one that combines via ferrata of ascent, crest section to top, and descent by footpath, a mix of ferrata and very interesting treking, but with some difficulty that will have to be taken into account.


- The route was made at the end of August with a dry day of good weather conditions.

- The limestone has a very good grip throughout the ascent, but caution should be exercised on wet days, as this is also done by its northern face, the most hidden from the sun and dark.

- The route is very well stepped, as well as marked with many red and white dot markings, as in all routes in Slovenia.

- Essential ferrata material.

- There are many steps with exposure that must be taken into account, also many sections of simple climbs.

- Once the great cave is over, the stretches are finished a little further up and you reach the crest, where you only have to walk until you reach the top, there are still steps with exposure where you will have to help yourself from your hands.

- Being used to moving through these high mountain terrains the route does not have a high real difficulty, but always there will be necessary to take the necessary precautions.

- Go well supplied with water since there is no point to replenish the liquid.

- Due to the ascent, which always runs close to the walls, it is possible that both the track line and the waypoints differ in some points from their exact location.


We start from the same parking lot next to the Vrsic pass road (waypoint 0) , and take the start of the ascent on the left (waypoint 1) that in a few meters leaves us in a large refuge (waypoint 2) , we pass next to it and after crossing a fence we follow the track that climbs steadily until a first junction (waypoint 3) , we will take the left towards Prisojnik, to soon reach some remains of military buildings, the area of ​​Postarski dom na Vrsicu ( waypoint 4) .

Right next to, at the foot of the track, we find an indicative pole where we must take the Prisojnik (skozi okno) down the path that descends (waypoint 5) , the one on the right will be the return one.

We lose altitude until we get into forest (waypoint 6) , the path is well defined, we will find a new indication and cross where we will continue to Prisojnik (waypoint 7) , after a few more meters we will reach a first step equipped (waypoint 8) , it will not be the moment of putting the material of ferrata since it is a very simple section and without exposure.

A little further on, now we are on foot from the walls of the mountain, where we must place the ferrata material (waypoint 9) .

The first section is perhaps one of the most exposed to the vacuum of the ascent, a first horizontal section (waypoint 9b) and another vertical section, leaving us on a stretch of path (waypoint 10) , through which it will take us to have a good viewpoint to Ajdovska Deklica (waypoint 11) , rocky shapes on the wall that look like a face from a distance.

After leaving this section behind we face a long stretch where we will walk sometimes with the great views that we will leave the path (waypoint 12) , and with sections of simple climbs without exposure or equipped road (waypoint 13) , after this long stretch the path will take us more horizontal to the left, where we will reach a kind of small hill (waypoint 14) , at this point we lose a few meters to have a view of the path to follow (waypoint 15) , before regaining height until hitting new to the walls.

Here again we cross a short section equipped and horizontal to the left with exposure (waypoint 16) that will leave us in another beautiful panoramic (waypoint 17) , once overcome, we will have in sight the vertical wall that we must ascend.

We approach and here we find the vertical wall, with a very well equipped section, with many staples and way of stairs (waypoint 18) , that little by little we will be encased more and more until we reach a step of 3m on a large inclined slab , that we will almost have to pass half crouched, depending on the height of each one, after this step we overcome a stretch with exposure and come back to another kind of hill (waypoint 19) .

From this point we first start a path section, where we can see the long long section of simple zig zagging through the rock (waypoint 20) , with many stretches equipped in some points, this section will be long and We will gain quite a lot but with hardly any exposed steps.

Once this section is left behind, we skirt along an exposed short passage that leaves us in front of the great cavity, window or natural eye of Prednje, which will leave us amazed by its greatness (waypoint 21) .

We follow another horizontal section fitted to the wall to plant ourselves at the base of the cave, we will ascend, and only walking but by a stretch of steep slope, following the marks of red and white points, that will take us from the center of the cave towards the wall of the right part of this, to continue gaining more and more height by a steep slope (waypoint 22) .

At the end we will get to place ourselves under the exit mouth or window of the cave, where in a wall we find a new section equipped with staples as a staircase that will finally take us towards the exit of the cave spectacularly (waypoint 23) .

Here will open a new beautiful landscape, with unbeatable views and already with sun, leaving the dark area, but we still have stretches equipped and climbed, so we continue to the left as we left the cave, always without losing the marks of points At rojiblancos, a new stretch of climbs awaits us until a short final stretch equipped (waypoint 24) , after this, a little further on we will start to take the crest of the mountain, we will cross some short steps still exposed, some equipped, and others simply from climbed (waypoint 25) .

We will continue walking a long way along this ridge, without equipping, with our eyes fixed on the summit, which we will see in the background still far away (waypoint 26) .

After overcoming part of this section and planting near the top, which we will reach diagonally by its more friendly slope following the red dot and balc (waypoint 27) , we will cross a path that we must return to, from here in a few more meters of ascent we will stand on the top of Prisojnik or Prisank (2.547m) (waypoint 28) , here the views, well deserved, are the great reward for the demanding ascent, a view to much of the Natural Park of Triglav, with the great Triglav, Slovenia's highest peak in the background.

After enjoying the views, it will be time to return, but without having to use the ferrata material that we can store in the backpack, we return to the crossing of paths (waypoint 29) and now we take the one that descends steep slope down to another new crossing of paths (waypoint 30) , here we also take the one that descends, always Vrsic direction, we will continue to lose altitude by marked path (waypoint 31) to a spice of Vivac or hole (waypoint 32) where we must turn right to look for a stony channel.

We will descend through this channel (waypoint 33) , always with slope but without difficulty, by well-trodden path and marked to a ledge as a viewpoint with a beautiful panoramic view (waypoint 34) , from here we descend by a very easy section, although equipped , glued to the wall (waypoint 35) , that will leave us in another stony section type channel, little by little we will lose height and we will leave the rock sections behind to give way to a greener path.

We will go skirting the mountain in diagonal always direction Vrsic (waypoint 36) to a crossroad of tracks and indications, Vrsic is the direction to follow (waypoint 37) , without loss we gain a few meters on this path to begin again to descend and enter little to little in a large quarry where the path is clearly visible (waypoint 38) .

After this stretch we have to face a small green promontory, a last steep slope (waypoint 39) before finally descending to the point of the military ruins of waypoint 4, from here we will only have to undo the same road to get back to the Vrsic pass where We have left the vehicle.

A GREAT ROUTE , with a very alpine ascent, that if we know how to get around these stretches we will enjoy it a lot, not only for the views as we go up the ferrata, but also for the ones that it offers once on the ridge and at the top.

One of the essentials within the Triglav Natural Park.


KRIZ / KRIŽ (2,409m), cover from shelter Aljazev Dom (Slovenia)
VISEVNIK / VIŠEVNIK (2.050m), MALI DRASKI / DRAŠKI (2.132m) y VELIKI DRASKI / VELIKI DRAŠKI (2.243m) desde Rudno Polje (Eslovenia)



1. Comenzamos ascenso


10. Tramo senda


11. Vista Ajdovska Deklica


12. Vista


13. Trepadas sencillas

Mountain pass

14. Pequeño collado


15. Vista senda


16. Tramo horizontal expuesto


17. Panoramica


18. Tramo grapas

Mountain pass

19. Collado, tramo senda


2. Refugio


20. Vista senda


21. Vista tramo cueva


22. Cueva Prednje


23. Salida cueva


24. Tramos equipados


25. Cresta con tramos equipados


26. Cresta sin tramos equipados


27. Seguimos marcas


28. Prisojnik/Prisank(2.547m)


29. Desvio a Vrsic


3. Giro izquierda(dir. Prisojnik)


30. Cruce seguimos a Vrsic


31. Senda descenso


32. Giro derecha


33. Canal


34. Vista panoramica


35. Tramo equipado


36. Direccion Vrsic


37. Cruce(seguimos dir. Vrsic)


38. Tramo senda por pedrera


39. Ultimo repecho


4. Restos Postarski dom na Vrsicu


5. Hacia abajo dir. Prisojnik(skozi okno)


6. Bosque


7. Cruce(seguimos a Prisojnik)


8. Tramo equipado sencillo


9. Inicio via ferrata(equiparse)


9b. Tramo expuesto horizontal


  • jose ramirez Jun 15, 2018

    Hola tengo intencion de ir a Elovenia ( si no se tuerce nada) en agosto y me gustaria hacer esta via lo que pasa es que soy un poco novato y me surgen unas dudas, es complicada esta via ? mas o menos que dificultad tiene? seria factible hacerla solo? estube el sabado pasado haciendo la via ferrata de Centelles (no se si la conoces) crees que es mas complicada?.
    Gracias de antemano tanto por las rutas aqui como las del foro que sigo con atencion.
    Um saludo

  • Photo of Furgoxo

    Furgoxo Jun 15, 2018

    Gracias por tus comentarios jose ramirez😉

    En cuanto a la dificultad de la ruta la catalogaríamos como medio-difícil ya que existen algunos puntos con exposición aunque sin demasiada dificultad, pero donde un mínimo de saber moverse por estos terrenos de montaña es imprescindible.

    No hemos realizado la vía ferrata que comentas pero es difícil decirte si te será complicada o no sin saber realmente el nivel de cada uno, yo solo puedo decirte que nosotros no nos consideramos ni somos grandes expertos tanto en vias ferratas, como en escalada ni en alpinismo, es más, siempre somos bastante cautos a la hora de las rutas, por lo que si lo vemos complicado somos los primeros en no realizar la ruta, en esta fuimos con la duda, y al final nos resultó más sencilla de lo que pensábamos, salvando un par de puntos con exposición la ruta se nos dio muy bien sin pasar apuros en ningún punto.

    En nivel de ferrata la pondríamos en una K2 con algún tramo puntual de K3, es nuestra opinión.

    Sobre realizarla solo recomendaríamos hacerla acompañado, pero ese mismo día había gente que iba haciéndola sola también.

    Igual no te hemos aclarado mucho, pero es difícil mojarse sin saber realmente la experiencia de cada uno, ya lo sentimos.

    Hagas lo que hagas precaución y sobretodo disfrutar del paisaje Esloveno sí acabas viajando a este bello país.

    Cualquier otra duda aquí estamos.

    Un saludo y buenas rutas😊

  • jose ramirez Jun 15, 2018

    Gracias por responder, ya veremos si me decido

  • jose ramirez Jun 15, 2018

    Si alguna vez bienes por esta zona Barcelona o Girona te recomiendo la via ferrata de Centelles seguro que te gusta.
    Un saludo

  • Photo of Furgoxo

    Furgoxo Jun 15, 2018

    Tomamos nota de esa ferrata jose ramirez, tenemos pendiente además una incursión por esa zona para realizar algunas vías ferratas jeje!

    Muchas gracias y un saludo 😉

  • jose ramirez Jun 18, 2018

    Si avisas estare encantado de acompañaros y enseñaros algunos volcanes de la Garrotxa.

  • Photo of agloserrano

    agloserrano Sep 19, 2018

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Ayer seguimos esta ruta y simplemente genial!!!! Muchas gracias, es tal y como la describes!

  • Photo of Furgoxo

    Furgoxo Sep 19, 2018

    Enhorabuena por la ruta realizada agloserrano👍😊

    Un placer que te haya sido útil la información.

    Gracias por tu valoración y buenas rutas 😉

  • geohector Aug 22, 2019

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Decidimos hacer esta ruta por el lado "facil" (o el menos complicado, que fácil no es). O sea hacerla al contrario que Furgoxo y subir y bajar por la misma parte, de esta forma nos quitamos la ferrata y zonas complicadas (la idea era hacer subida y bajada por donde bajaron ellos tras hacer pico).

    La primera parte de la ruta es sencilla por caminos y una senda por un canchal a media ladera. Luego comienza a ir por una senda estrecha a media ladera con una buena caída hacia el lado y con alguna zona algo complicada pero no difícil, sólo hay que hacerlo con cuidado y a ser posible sin lluvia.

    Tras esta zona de senda a media ladera, llega la parte de la ascensión más dura. Primero vas subiendo por un caminillo muy empinado gananado mucho desnivel pero sin problemas técnicos, con sus z y demas, pero más adelante es donde te encuentras con varios tramos en los que había que hacer trepadas bastante largas y algo/bastante técnicas (nada recomendado para gente que le tenga respeto a este tipo de zonas). Nosotros no culminamos la ascensión porque no pudimos pasar esta zona.

    Con lluvia también habría que tener mucho cuidado por aquí (sobre todo de bajada).

    En cualquier caso, la ruta y las vistas (haciéndola sólo hasta la zona más complicada) ya merecen la pena y con cuidado en determinadas partes no es complicada. Otra cosa es la subida final (último kilómetro más o menos con unos 300 m de desnivel) que es bastante técnica (sobre todo de bajada).

    Gracias a Furgoxo por sus buenas explicaciones.

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