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near Ripailles, Moka (Mauritius)

This hike is rather short but relatively steep in parts. Unlike the trail up the eastern peak, the path to the western peak is not always clear. And it took some time and effort to get through the undergrowth. Gloves, a machete, long pants and mosquito repellent come in quite handy here.

Follow the dirt road in between the fields (the GPS track is a bit wiggly for the first hundreds of meters) until the road makes a turn to the left. At this point, leave the road and continue straight into the undergrowth.The path is unclear in parts but just keep straight ahead as good as you can. Here and there you will need to divert a little to the left or right as the undergrowth gets pretty thick in places. Try to stick to the general direction of the GPS log and you will make it to the summit after a short while.

Follow the same track to hike down again.

On my way down I noticed another rather faint path leading towards Malenga (roughly towards the first houses and the Malenga View Point) which I followed for a short time. Unfortunately, the path soon faded away and I decided to turn back to my original path. So for the way down you want to follow the same path you took up (and disregard the GPS track down the mountain).

However, if you are more adventurous, you can try to find your way down to Malenga. Just be aware of the cliffs on the northern side. Also, a less direct approach to the summit starting from Malenga or the View Point seems very possible.

Due to partial unclear path and lots of undergrowth rated moderate.


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