Time  7 hours 58 minutes

Coordinates 390

Uploaded July 2, 2013

Recorded June 2013

3,955 f
770 f
5.47 mi

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near Bigriggan, Queensland (Australia)

Leaning Ridge is by far the hardest non protected route up Mt Barney. It consists of multiple steep rock slabs with exposure over cliffs where a slip could easily be fatal. The climbing is not hard; however, there is over an hour of combined exposure, making the route AWESOME! with stunning unobstructed views. The route starts at top of Barney Waterfall which can be accessed by a foot pad to the north of the waterfall. From there it is a hard slog up the ridge. There is only one detour with a traverse to the east accessing a less exposed ridge. The scrambling up the steep slabs are easily navigated by using pockets in the slabs caved by the water courses. However, these would be extremely slippery and dangerous when wet. I would NOT attempt this hike if there is a chance of rain or the top of the leaning peak is in cloud. Access off the back side of Leaning Peak is by a 25m abseil. The rope in the pics is 50m. There is multiple slings of varying decay around two small trees as a rap station. I would take enough tape to make a min 4ft sling to leave behind. This route can not be done without a rope and the knowledge to use it. We hiked down north ridge back to Yellowpinch with a car shuffle back to the lower portals car park. This route started a lower portals as I forgot to switch my GPS on at the Lower Portals car park. Access to Barney Waterfall can be made by rock hopping up Barney Ck. However, following the western ridge line above Barney Ck offers good views of leaning ridge prior to the hike. This route is off track but not hard. I would recommend following the my GPX route of Barney Waterfall to access the start of leaning ridge, it is easier and a more direct route. Personally I would not take anyone on this hike who has not had at least some experience in rock climbing and abseiling.

Leaning Peak


Logans TH


Lower Leaning Peak


Lower Portals


Mt Barney - East Peak


Mt Barney - West Peak


North East Rock


North Pinnacle


Nth Ridge TH


Tom Tum North


Tom Tum Middle


Tom Tum South


Traverse left

At this point traverse left (east) to the adjacent ridge and continue steeply up to the notch

The Notch


  • Photo of 60+

    60+ Jul 22, 2013

    Thanks for sharing with us. Truly a formidible climb I am totally impressed, don't think I will be doing that one. https://www.wikiloc.com/mountaineering-trails/mt-barney-short-leaning-ridge-4772388/photo-2451012

  • Photo of Shatkins

    Shatkins Jul 22, 2013

    Thanks, yes this is at the top end of scrambles more so for the amount and total time of exposure adding to the risk of someone having a slip. It only takes one! Any harder and I would want a little protection. However, it has by far the best views on ascent. https://www.wikiloc.com/mountaineering-trails/mt-barney-short-leaning-ridge-4772388/photo-2451012

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