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near Rrogam, Kukës (Albania)

Being the highest peak of Dinaric Alps makes Maja e Jezerces (2694m) one of the most attempted summits in the area of Bjeshket e Namuna/Prokletje. Though is the highest, it's not the most difficult summit in the area. Other summits, such as Maja e Shkurt and Langojvet seem to be much harder.

Most of the people climb Maja e Jezerces from Gropat e Bukura, Lugu i Valit and from Buni i Jezerces (Lakes). Still haven't hear of people climbing it from Lugu i Zajave (Kukaj village side).

Our route is not very difficult but I rate it difficult because it is long and have some exposed parts on hard snow where crampons and ice axe is needed.

Fixed rope and cave

07-JUL-13 13:25:32

Right for Jezerce and Left to Theth

07-JUL-13 8:18:19


07-JUL-13 7:08:17


07-JUL-13 13:57:11

Water source and bar

07-JUL-13 8:03:14


  • almsick Dec 27, 2013

    Thanks for providing the GPS!
    I will use your trail in summer 2014 for the return trip. To Jezerca I want to try a trail from Valbone via Kukaj.

  • szymonowski Jul 9, 2014

    As for the snow - what month was this?

  • almsick Jul 9, 2014

    At the level higher than 2.000m snow fileds may be present all over the year. Depending on the exact route you will need crampons - even in August.

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    gprekazi Jul 5, 2016

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    Granit Temaj Jun 25, 2018

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    Great trail!

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