Moving time  one day 3 hours one minute

Time  5 days 20 hours 18 minutes

Coordinates 11388

Uploaded December 7, 2018

Recorded December 2018

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18,563 f
5,571 f
38.99 mi

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near Barangata, Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)

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Rise to the highest point (Uhuru peak) of Kilimanjaro along the Machame route in 7 days (6 nights) making an extra day of acclimatization.

The first day we came late because of the bureaucratic problems of the Machame door at about 1,800m and we went up to Machame camp about 2,900m at 4:30 p.m., on a path in perfect condition. Here we have already noticed the 1st headache that was passed with 1/2 aspirin.

Second day up to Shira camp about 3,800m also with about 4:30 p.m. but dinando along the way. With some ramps more pronounced but without greater difficulty. Here the headache is already installed to avoid leaving.

Third day, a key day of resistance and acclimatization, as it rises to 4,600m Lava Tower and goes down again to 3,900m Barranco Camp, at 7:30 p.m. on a long road and finding very bad conditions, as it rained, to snow, and we went cold. A companion was already suffering from a bad stomach and even vomited. According to the guides, it is a day in which many people decide to leave.

Fourth day, short in terms of distance, but not so much in terms of time as it took about 5h, to reach Karanga camp about 4,000m, surpassing the Barranco wall with some climbing point and with a lot of transit, rising to 4,200 m then returning to 3.950mi and returning to the camp. Headaches continue.

Fifth day, really short in both distance and in 4h, you will eat at the destination camp in Barafu at about 4,650m, so we can sleep early and we will take you by night. Great windless day. The headache is still not gone.

Sixth day, the alarm clock sounds at 11pm and we leave at 00: 30h (we were waiting for the guides tonily ...). The wind has not stopped all night, which causes a teammate, anticipating the bad conditions, deciding not to leave. Indeed, the wind makes the last coat of wrap that was in the first stop we made when it was still a long way off. The hands were already frozen while moving them in motion. On the way, the team most affected by heightened illness decided to leave at 5.200m, and after another, he also decided to stay behind with a guide to try it at a slower pace. After 5 hours, when we were already beginning to intuitively, the fog came, evidently, with a blanket, with which we remained white, not only the clothes but also the beards of the beard and even the eyelashes ... obviously the camel It was a while since it was frozen in spite of blowing it to clear it. At 6:00 in the morning, we will arrive at Estela Point, when the cloud was opened and we were able to enjoy up to the summit to Uhuru Peak 5.895m in an hour plus 7 hours. Down the road to Estela we met the company that had decided to go further (pole pole) and joined us in the descent giving by the end of its ascent. The descent towards Barafu is made through another sandy road that allows you to descend very quickly by the type of scree reaching 10h. We collect stores and we rest for 1 hour to go to Mweka camp at 3.100m with 4h more downhill. There was no headache anymore.

Seventh day down to Mweka gate at 1,600m at 3h and end of adventure.

Writing this, three weeks later I still have the point of the fingers sensitivity to the principle of freezing that we suffered. According to the guides that day it was reached at -20ºC.


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    capido Dec 31, 2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Molt beb escrit i descrit. Així va ser

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    Waterfallin Jan 8, 2019

    Well done! Another stroke off the bucket list 👍 What a beautiful adventure, we done the very same trek in 2014. 👏

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    halfarre Jan 9, 2019

    Thanks Waterfallin! Let's continue enjoying the mountains!!!

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