11,877 ft
7,290 ft
9.46 mi

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near Triumph, Idaho (United States)

DBE is not the highest peak in the Pioneers, but it towers over the Trail Creek valley. It is a beautiful sight, and it begs to be climbed.

The route starts up the Boulder Creek trail, easy and well maintained. The creek crossing at the trailhead is wide. At 2.5 miles and about 8800 feet of altitude the trail crosses to the North side of the Creek, and shortly afterwards a smaller side trail switchbacks up the side of the valley. When turning the switchback at 9600 feet another faint trail continues straight towards the small lake at 9800, and to the saddle below DBE.

From the saddle you appreciate the dimension of the summit block, with all the flat faces that look cut with a knife. There is a mountaineering trail that goes to the right of the first tower. At 11000 feet there is a very steep section than can be bypassed. There are several ways to tackle the route, and it is easy to find reasonable class 3 terrain with solid rock and lots of handholds. The crux is a spot close to the summit where the ridge narrows down to nothing and there is a high step with a little exposure.

The return route detours over the neighboring peak and then offers an easy descent through the scree until hitting the trail.

Trekking poles, helmet and leather gloves are recommended. With snow this peak is a different matter.

There are camping spots at the trailhead, which could be taken, and a campground nearby.

Start of tower


DBE summit


Peak 10942


Boulder Creek trailhead


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