6,936 ft
2,215 ft
14.68 mi

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near Tarfala, Norbotten (Ruoŧŧa)

The western trail up to the South peak of Kebnekaise is a mixture of trail running and hiking, a round-trip is about 23 km and 1866 altimeters. The official numbers of the Western trail are 18 km and 1800 altimeters.

The south peak of Kebnekaise was up until summer 2018 Swedens highest point, after that the North peak of Kebnekaise took over that title. For some years to come, this might shift back and forth.

IMPORTANT! Take part of and follow the security recommendations for doing a peak attempt through the western trail. Yes, it is easier than the Eastern trail but still hazardous and the weather can shift quick and be very rough.

It is possible to trail run to the foot of the Kitteldalen, after that point it is mostly hiking. The terrain is very rough and consists of sharp rocks. The trail is marked with red paint directly on the rocks.

There is a refugee shelter (Cabin) on the second half of the trail, about 200 meters below the peak. A good place to put on reinforcement clothes.

The south peak of Kebnekaise consists of a glacier and is snow covered all year around. In certain conditions crampons might be needed.

The way down is of course faster but the rough terrain and fatigue makes it hard and dangerous.


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