2.43 mi

Elevation gain

72 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

1,132 ft

Max elevation

3,110 ft


35 5

Min elevation

2,011 ft

Trail type

One Way
  • Photo of Harihar fort trek from Nirgudpada
  • Photo of Harihar fort trek from Nirgudpada
  • Photo of Harihar fort trek from Nirgudpada
  • Photo of Harihar fort trek from Nirgudpada
  • Photo of Harihar fort trek from Nirgudpada
  • Photo of Harihar fort trek from Nirgudpada




December 31, 2016


December 2016
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3,110 ft
2,011 ft
2.43 mi

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near Trimbak, Mahārāshtra (India)

Complete info in my blog post:

Fort: Harihar
Range: Trimbakeshwar
Height: 3350 ft (1016m)
Base village: Nirgudpada

Nearest Railway station: Kasara-51 km (better connected) & Igatpuri-43 km (fewer public transport options)

How to reach from Mumbai by Public Transport:
Board a Kasara Local train from Central railway and alight at Kasara. From Kasara, hire a jeep/car/Omni cav for a return trip. The route: Kasara-Khodala-Nirgudpada-Harihar-Nirgudpada-Khodala-Kasara

Trail Description:
Alight at Nirgudpada Bus stop and walk along the road to a small bridge near a village and take the most prominent trail towards the fort. Confirm the route with the villagers if in doubt. The route passes through paddy fields for a km before climbing the base hills. The route has arrows at regular intervals. Climb onto the ridge and turn towards the fort and climb two flights of stairs to enter the fort. Head towards the eastern edge to visit temples or head for the peak (accessible by an easy rock patch). Follow the same path while returning. Exercise CAUTION during monsoons.
NOTE: This is a GPS log of the route we took. After you pass the paddy fields, the trail will branch out at several points till the ridge.Use your discretion and always take the most prominent trail. This is a fairly frequented trek route, so any obstruction/overgowth/dangerous patch should be an indication of a wrong turn. trace back to the last correct turn and start over again. There is only one route after you reach the ridge.

Places of interest: Temples on top, Secret door, 80 Degree inclined stairs, Pond, Spiral stairs, Panoramic view of the range.

Difficulty: Medium
Endurance: 3
Risk Factor: Medium

Other routes: From Harshewadi (Easier than this route)
For more info, visit my blog:

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  • Photo of deepblue.35710

    deepblue.35710 Nov 28, 2017

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Nice and accurate trail. Did it last month. Can you also upload the trail from Harshewadi?
    Another question is the trail shown on Google maps. That is a longer route and from what I got to know from the locals, very rarely used by trekkers. Is it true?

You can or this trail