V Ivanov
230 8 33


14.64 mi

Elevation gain

5,161 ft

Technical difficulty

Very difficult

Elevation loss

5,079 ft

Max elevation

8,760 ft



Min elevation

4,035 ft

Trail type

One Way
  • Photo of Half Dome
  • Photo of Half Dome
  • Photo of Half Dome
  • Photo of Half Dome
  • Photo of Half Dome
  • Photo of Half Dome

Moving time

5 hours 18 minutes


7 hours 33 minutes




June 29, 2019


June 2019
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8,760 ft
4,035 ft
14.64 mi

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near Curry Village, California (United States)

Quick scramble up to and down from Half Dome, following the continuation of the Mist and Nevada trails; started at 1600hrs and finished at c. 2300hrs.

The only challenging part is the cables at Half Dome.


1. Avoid climbing if the weather is likely to turn bad - we had to climb down after a quick downpour, making the descent unnecessarily dangerous due to slippery rock and high winds. Looking at the horizon, if you see dark clouds or any mist around Half Dome, it most likely means rain/thunderstorm are inbound, either of which are a danger to your climb to, stay at, and descent from Half Dome.
2. Bring flashlights/torches/headlamps/phones with flashlights if you expect to be going up/down in the dark - albeit well identifiable during the day, the trail is hard to navigate at night without lights - we got lost on our way back due to the low light, albeit using torches. The wikiloc trail record gives good guidance to get back on the track.
3. Have a permit - although doable without one, the risk of getting caught ascending Half Dome without a permit is not worth it (up to$5,000 fine or imprisonment). If you've been unlucky with the pre-season and daily lotteries, consider submitting an application for a multi-day hike with a stay in Yosemite Valley. If you are successful (try multiple combinations of entry and exit points), a permit to climb Half Dome is included in your itinerary.


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