Time  4 hours 7 minutes

Coordinates 1065

Uploaded August 14, 2012

Recorded August 2012

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3,028 ft
1,748 ft
7.36 mi

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near Betlanovce, Prešovský (Slovenská republika)

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[English] Beautiful route through the gorges of Slovenský Raj. Rigid metallic bridges, pendant metal bridges, wooden and metal footbridges, hooks, stairs, chains, trail over the river ... In a very nice and cool environment.

The beginning is quite flat, following the river, and then from the cave begins the ascent by the valley, which is sometimes by road and others over the same stream, passing through cascades and having to climb on long stairs, everything and that you do not have to make sure.

It must be done in a clockwise direction, since the area between the waypoints of the cave and before the refuge is not allowed to go down.

When arriving there is a parking area that must pay € 2, but you can avoid leaving it elsewhere.

1 Pont Llarg

Pont Llarg

2 Petita cova

Petita cova

3 Cova


4 Cascada


5 Refugi


Panell info

Panell informatiu

Pay parking

Parking de pagament, hi ha altres llocs gratis


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    yaakov Jul 13, 2015

    [Catalan] Precious route gorges Slovenský Raj. Bridges metallic rigid metal bridges hanging wooden walkways and metal hooks, ladders, chains, way above stream ... In a very nice and fresh.

    The principle is quite flat, following the river, and then from the cave begins to climb the valley which at times is way above the other and the same stream, passing waterfalls and climb stairs having long, but make sure not.

    It must be done clockwise, as the area between the cave and waypoints before the shelter is not permitted to do so down.

    Arriving there is a car park to be paid € 2,but you can avoid leaving it elsewhere.

  • rafklu Aug 22, 2015

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    Pierwsza część trasy fajna, zejście nudne.

  • eljot Apr 26, 2019

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    followed the trail by lightly moisture conditions in spring -> take the estimated time *1,5

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