8,588 ft
1,826 ft
8.16 mi

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near Dragobi, Kukës (Albania)

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  • Photo of Bledi Preza

    Bledi Preza Feb 19, 2016

    This trail was recorded by my friend Ervin Dervishi last year on June. He used a GPS device and then I uploaded it to the Internet. That's why some details are missing.
    The total distance of 26 Km, with more than 2000 m accumulative elevation, was covered in a single day (~15 hours), which make this one of the most difficult undertakes in Albania for a single day.
    We tried it again on 31 January 2016, a group of 4 well trained, but due to the heavy fog we couldn't found the right path in just the last 200 m.

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