45.67 mi

Elevation gain

20,407 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

20,407 ft

Max elevation

16,282 ft


38 5

Min elevation

8,778 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of  Cerro Plata -  Set 2013 - Mendoza - Argentina
  • Photo of  Cerro Plata -  Set 2013 - Mendoza - Argentina


7 days 2 hours 10 minutes




November 3, 2014


November 2013
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16,282 ft
8,778 ft
45.67 mi

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near Potrerillos, Mendoza (Argentina)
Cerro Plata is the highest mountain of the Cordón del Plata Range, which is a small subdivision of The High Andes or Cordillera Central.
Cordón del Plata is located 80 km from Mendoza and is a popular place to climb for local mountaineers who want to have some days off in the mountains and also for those who want to acclimatize for Aconcagua. Cerro Plata is one of the highest peaks in central Argentina and was long considered to be over 6000m. My GPS read 5966m on the summit and the official altitude is 5955m.
Cerro Plata´s little sister, which isn´t more than two high points on the other side of the main peak´s summit plateau, is called Pico Plata and is slightly lower.
Another peak which can be climbed from the same camp is Pico Vallecitos. See note below.

The views from the summit of Cerro Plata is stunning!
In the south Los Andes 14'th highest peak Tupungato is visible, together with the majestic Cerro Polleras (5993m) and the black Cerro Negro/Cerro Pabellon (6070m).
Aconcagua, Ameghino and La Mano are located quite close by in the NW and futher away in the north the snowy peaks of the Mercedario Group can be seen on clear days.

Note: The mountain is called Cerro Vallecitos on Summitpost. This is the highest point of the peak, but very few actually climb to the main summit as it's a very technical climb. The point most mountaineers reach is called Pico Vallecitos, which is an easy walk-up with a ten meter scramble the last part. Cerro Vallecitos has no route easier than D+/TD.


  • Photo of Paula12

    Paula12 Nov 15, 2018

    Hola!! Muy buena tu explicación, se puede subir solo, me refiero si tenes que ir con guia de montaña si o si.

  • Photo of Paula12

    Paula12 Nov 15, 2018

    Muy buenas las fotos

  • Photo of Kelso D

    Kelso D Nov 15, 2018

    Hi Paula, Yes you can go solo, is easy but at the summer is hot, and water. but at the last refugio you can buy a coffee and talk and meet about really recommend.
    In the last part be careful with the wind.

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