3,160 ft
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6.98 mi

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near Buxton, Victoria (Australia)

Hiking at Cathedral Range State Park in Victoria

This walk can be done in clockwise or anticlockwise way. This track starts at Cooks Mill Campground heading firstly up to Sugarloaf Saddle. Then track continues toward to Sugarloaf Peak, from this point on you can choose which path will lead you to the summit, Canyon track or Well Cave track. Well Cave track is really steep and exposed in some parts, with a bit of rock climbing in some sections. So if you are afraid of heights, better to avoid this one.

Once reached the top of the mountain, trail continues towards to Farmyards campgroung, following Razorback Ridge track. From this campground there is a short trail leading to South Jawbone Peak which offers an amazing view of Sugarloaf peak by another angle.

This hiking circuit is really popular among Victorians cause it is located just a couple of hours driving from Melbourne. There is also a northern circuit which explores other peaks.

Cooks Mill Campground


Jawbone Parking


Messmate Track


South Jawbone Peak


Sugarloaf Peak


The Farmyard


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