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near Mojstrana, Kranjska Gora (Slovenija)

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The Triglav was a must in our dreamed trip to Slovenia by bike, and finally it came true.

We document ourselves very little, too little, perhaps confident because we know that it is a very popular ascent on which we could find a lot of info at the foot of the field. We only knew that we wanted to climb the North, very possibly from the Vrata Valley to admire the impressive North of this bug that, seen live, impresses. And that does not reach 3,000 m!

We approach the refuge of Aljazev by bike from Mojstrana, it is a track of 10 km and about 300m of difference. The shelter is very good, we dined there and they keep our bikes very kindly. It is relatively common for people to ride a bike so they are used to it.

The next day we had breakfast at 6.00 and we got going. The route advances to the right of the river and before reaching the bottom of the torrent it turns to the left, crosses it and rises without mercy through impossible walls. Soon more and more iron pegs and even steel cables begin to appear, in which many people anchor with a double line of life. A real pain in the ass that multiplies the time of ascension by 3. With an average experience in mountain and custom to the exhibition none of the steps has mystery. Those who made sure here looked like they were totally neophytes in the materrrrria.

We are gaining height and the north of the Triglav is showing, it is impressive the pit that makes the valley and the difference so tremendous that there is. The views are cracking!

Soon we reached the place where our route Prag joins with the Tominskova at about 2,000m, and points 2.5 h to the top.
We continue climbing and reach the huge hill that looks like an immense bite in the rock. From here we see a refuge of the routes that rise from the East, but we turn right into karstic and kaotic terrain. Here the cloud is already seated and will not abandon us to the top and that prevents us from admiring the Triglav's crest aesthetic. In 1 hour we reach the Triglavski refuge where we stop to eat something, and we start the climb up the ridge. If during the route until here we have found enough pegs, this crest is literally sewn to pins and cables. Here the percentage of policyholders is much higher and this causes great traffic jams in the most exposed steps. There is everything; young people, adults, seniors, ladies, gentlemen, teenagers, children ... of all profiles. For the Slovenians it is obligatory to go up to the Triglav at least once in the life, and I attest that this is the case. It never ceases to amaze me that someone with zero mountaineering experience gets on a ridge like that, no matter how secure. There are sections of good exposure with a lot of atmosphere! This peak without ferratear should be milk!

So overcoming jams, advancing on the right and admiring what the cloud left us, we reached the top after several false summits that made us the longest climb, about an hour from the Triglavski refuge.

The summit was quite petate: ALL without exception photographed in the metal casement cimera. It was like a ritual: they waited in line politely and religiously for their turn to arrive, they got into the booth, they admired the drawings inside for a few minutes, they went out, they took the picture, some whipped themselves in the ass as tradition dictates and finally a stamp was planted that proved his prowess. Yes, there is a postmark on the top with ink cartridges ... A little dry, maybe.

The views at the top are impressive, and soon we march down without fortunately finding too much traffic jam.

We continue through the karst without going through the refuge and retrace the 1,800 m of unevenness that the monster has, resuscitating the feet in the river that rises at the foot of the north and whose water must be no more than 5ºC.

A must climb if you are in Slovenia, a beautiful peak whose beauty and ambience offset the overcrowding and the indiscriminate ferrateo that suffers.

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  • Photo of Puntchok

    Puntchok Aug 18, 2016

    Bonita montaña y aún más bonita descripción.
    Eres toda una experrrta en la materrria.

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