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Coordinates 1774

Uploaded April 14, 2012

Recorded September 2011

3,742 f
2,000 f
15.15 mi

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near Ábær, Norðurland Vestra (Lýðveldið Ísland)

I had heard that in autumn you could ford the Þjórsá river and get to Arnarfell from the East. This turned out to be the case, though a crotch-deep, 50+ metre wide glacial torrent isn't exactly inviting in temperatures below freezing, wearing nothing below the waist other than your undies and sandals! Still - that's the price you pay for using the autumn, when the water level has subsided. Apart from the river crossing this is an easy hike.
  • Photo of Car
You could perhaps drive further - but only if you are the sort not much bothered by laying waste to the countryside ...
  • Photo of Ford 1 (small)
  • Photo of Ford 1 (small)
This was a small stream - but it was the first time we had to taske off our boots (we didn't bother to put on our sandals) for wading so it seemed worth marking it!
  • Photo of Guest Book
Yes, there is a guest book where you can sign your name - an another one at the top (in a bottle)
  • Photo of Summit
  • Photo of Summit
  • Photo of Summit
  • Photo of Summit
  • Photo of Summit
  • Photo of Summit
A fantastic view in all directions! Getting up there is a bit tricky - the gravel is extremely loose. There is a path but it is very difficult to find, you might want to follow our decent track - that should help.
  • Photo of Þjórsá ford
OK, this is where we forded the river on our way TO the mountain, we didn't really spend a lot of time looking for the best spot because we didn't know if this was the only branch to be crossed (it was - apart from a smaller one later). The crossing was a bit scary, entering the river we had to break through a layer of ice with our sandals - at considerable risk of falling. Approaching the far bank we hit a deep channel which we only just managed to cross - I had already suggested we turn back but my travel companion felt she wouldn't make it so we pressed on ... Coming back in the afternoon the river had swollen a bit (as glacial rivers do during the day) but at least that got rid of the ice problem! We gave ourselves more time to scout for a good ford and did'nt have any big problems. the knowledge that the car wasn't all that far away helped because it was bloody cold (air temperature around freezing and windy).


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