• Photo of Aproximació al Mount Koh
  • Photo of Aproximació al Mount Koh
  • Photo of Aproximació al Mount Koh
  • Photo of Aproximació al Mount Koh
  • Photo of Aproximació al Mount Koh

Time  4 hours 3 minutes

Coordinates 878

Uploaded September 20, 2018

Recorded August 2018

6,431 ft
2,970 ft
12.95 mi

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near Akeriamet, West Pokot (Kenya)

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The Mount Koh is an iconic peak of the massif known as Cherangani Hills. It's not the tallest one, but it's a mountain lady (the little information I've found talked to 3,211m, but we'll doubt it until we see it with our own eyes). And its location is so privileged, right in front of the Rift Valley, which is worth recommending. As usual, however, the information regarding the ascent to Mount Koh is scarce, incomplete or inaccurate. This route I publish, however, will lead you to the foot of the immense rock that makes up Mount Koh.

He spent a few days at the Marich Pass Field Studies Center *. From there, I hired the services of a local guide, in Samuel, to try to summit Mount Koh. A motorcycle picked us up at the center at six in the morning. It is important to start soon not only for the duration of the expedition, but especially to avoid the hardest hours of sun. The route begins here, because it seemed to me that I also registered the viable route of access to the starting point of the walked route.

Although I have not indicated it, it is easy to see where we got off the motorcycle, because the track disappears under the route line on the map. In any case, the distance was 6.14 kilometers: 6.14 kilometers before the end, where we went down the bike and started walking. In other words, the point where we left the motorcycle is kilometer 14.7.

The rest of the route I did following the guide, which seemed to know the path of memory. There is no indication. Instead, there are many variants that make the route very losing without any help other than intuition itself. The path we followed was now enlarging, now it was scuffed, now it was open-pit, now it was in the woods, but every time it was rising, and sometimes it was cruel. Tired and sore, after 1,000 meters of unevenness, I had to make a half turn. We had reached the end of the village (a small village, yes), at the foot of the rock that is Mount Koh. There is a school with a magnificent meadow that makes you playful. We still had another 1,000 meters to the top, if the altitude of the mountain is accurate. That is why, if I never tried to crown the Mount Koh, I will consider dividing the ascent in two, making a night at this school. On the second day it would be easy to climb up and down right up to the valley.

If someone plans to follow the route I publish to summit Mount Koh, you should know that the last section, which I know, does not seem to be obvious. However, I would venture to go up to school and ask someone from the town, for the right price, guidance to the summit.

* You can find the review that I did here: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowUserReviews-g3860145-d1727015-r611481343-Marich_Pass_Field_Studies_Centre-Marich_Rift_Valley_Province.html


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