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Uploaded August 11, 2017

Recorded August 2017

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7,524 f
7.11 mi

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near Lālān, Tehrān (Iran)

960519 (August 10, 2017 )
Track by: Safa Daneshvar

Lalan village >> Lalan valley >> Talkhab spring >> Lalan waterfall >> Varzab pass >> Borj peak >> Jhandark needles >> Kholeno the Small >> Kholeno the Great.
Safa Daneshvar
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It was a very fast solo ascending to the Kholeno summit from Laloon waterfall (2.5 h).
Be careful about Jhandark needles.
Thank you so much to Massi Hosseini for providing and facilitating this trip.
We started from Laloon village (6:30AM), I continued from Laloon waterfall (10AM) to the Kholeno summit (12:42PM) through Varzab pass, Borj peak, Jhandark needles and Small Kholeno. A dog accompanied me until the middle of Jhandarks and he stopped at the North Jhandark and after some troubles found a way down to the valley the crest.
I met Mr. Teimouri and Mr. Goodarz in the peak which were in the Varzab pass at the same time I was and ascended from the traverse (not in this track), and reached the summit simultaneously with me. I return from the traverse with them.
Kholeno - Mountain Peak
Kholeno or Koleh-no is a mountain in Kholeno/Azadkouh massif in central Alborz range located in North of Iran. It is located in Tehran province very close to the border of Mazandaran Province.
Elevation: 4,387 m
Mountain range: Alborz
Parent range: Alborz
About Kholeno Peaks & Jhandark Needles from the link below:

The Kholeno Peaks rise in the geographical heart of the Central Alborz Mountains of northern Iran. The 4387 m Mt. Kholeno the Great is the highest peak of the Kholeno Massif (see footnote at the bottom of the page), a complex series of connected ridgelines that give rise to tens of 4000 m plus peaks. Kholeno the Small sits directly to the south of Kholeno the Great. The eastern slopes of Kholeno the Small drop into the upper portions of the Lar River Valley. To the south, Kholeno the Small is connected to the 4325 m Borj Peak. Three distinct groups of gendarmes known as the “Jhandark” Needles crown the ridgeline between Kholeno the Small and Borj Peaks.

To the west, the Kholeno Peaks along with their nearby mountains, create a high alpine cirque that houses a small seasonal lake known as the Kholeno Lake. The lake sits at an elevation of 3830 m and is formed in the summer months by the melting of the area snowfields.

Mt. Kholeno the Great is the highest peak of the Tehran province and is a popular destination for mountain climbers. On the way to Kholeno the Great, Kholeno the Small can be either climbed or bypassed below its summit. The usual starting point for climbing the Kholeno Peaks is the village of Laloon (2400 m) to the southeast. From there, you will hike to the Varzab Pass, climb the Borj Peaks and then tackle the Jhandark Needles to reach Kholeno the Small and the Great. This route usually takes 1.5 days for roundtrip. A much longer but much more beautiful route is to start at the Varengeh Rood Village (2450 m) to the northwest and hike 21.5 Km along the Varengeh Rood River to set up base camp at the 3830 m Kholeno Lake (this route will give you spectacular views of snow-capped peaks and alpine meadows). From Kholeno Lake, you can climb many of the local peaks. Please be ware that the western slopes of the Kholeno Peaks above the Kholeno Lake are steep scree fields that can be used, after the snow melt off, as quick descend routes. The best ascend route is via the summit of Khers Chal Peak.

Jhandark (means “Joan of Arc”) is a strange name for a group of gendarmes in the Central Alborz Mountains near the capital city of Tehran. The origin of this name is not known to me and I often wonder if “Jhandark” is a misnomer for “Gendarme”.

On the crest of the ridgeline between the Borj Peak to the south and the Kholeno the Small Peak to the north, you will find three groups of Gendarmes blocking the way to the Kholeno Peaks. The southern and the middle gendarmes do not present much of a technical challenge beyond some Class III hand and foot climbing.

The northern gendarme is made of 2-3 crags that create walls that are 3-4 meters tall. If you want to continue on the crest of the ridgeline, you will have to go up and down these walls. The slopes on the west side of the north gendarme are very steep and are made of very loose rock. These slopes are best avoided. You can bypass the north gendarme to the east of it just below its summit. This will require hand and foot climbing. All difficulties can be avoided by descending 100 m below the summit on the eastern slopes. Be ware that snow remains on these slopes probably until mid summer.
Photography tips:
- A super wide angle lens on the jhandarks is highly recommended, there in no enough space to locate yourself and put all the landscape of the cliffs and the background in one shot.
- A fisheye lens may help you to create terrific shots as it is in reality. or when you want to capture people on the cliffs containing the crest ridgeline in the background.
- Polarized filter may help to making more beautiful captures.
- It's worth carrying a couple of kilograms of photography equipment to Kholeno mountain.
- Keep the batteries warm (for example in your gloves or under you garment) in cold weather. You need them until the end of the trip.
قله خلنو از مسیر تیغه های ژاندارک
روستای لالون - دره لالون - چشمه تلخاب - آبشار لالون - گردنه ورزاب - قله برج - تیغه های ژاندارک - قله خلنو کوچک - قله خلنو بزرگ
**** خیلی مواظب تیغه ها باشید ****

Borj peak

10-AUG-17 11:36:12AM It's very fast and easy way from Varzab pass to the Borj summit. You have a very nice view of the lake (at West), and nice view of Damavand mountain (East), and the ridgeline of Jhandark needles, Small Kholeno and the Great Kholeno summit (North). The dominant color of rocks are green.


You may stay at night and start the ascending tomorrow morning. Very beautiful and colorful camp near the spring and the waterfall.

Car park

10-AUG-17 6:19:10AM You can park your vehicle around this location. Off-road vehicles may could go higher.

Cross river

Cross the river here.

Jhandark !

10-AUG-17 12:10:00PM Jhandark needles I reached here at 12:10 PM and took some photos. Be careful They are really sharp !! It could be dangerous, try not to go alone. It may take a quarter to pass.

Kholeno Summit

10-AUG-17 12:42:18PM I met Mr. Teimouri and Mr. Goodarz here, who came to the summit via the traverse.

Lalan Valley

You may have to cross the river a couple of time, but it's not so deep to make you trouble.

Lalan Village

10-AUG-17 6:10:01AM

Lalan Waterfall

10-AUG-17 9:22:57AM People almost prefer to camp here around the waterfall, stay the first night and continue to the peak in the morning without overload.

Small Kholeno

10-AUG-17 12:24:26PM It’s almost done. Very easy and fast path to the summit remained, enjoy looking at Damavand summit (North) and maybe Alamkooh summit (far west), and the Kholeno Lake (beneath you feet at west).

Soda spring

10-AUG-17 3:10:35PM These are 3 fountain here 1- Talkhab (tastes bitter) 2- Taste like soda 3- Tastes norman Try them and taste some, it's interesting.

Spring 1

These are 3 fountain here 1- Talkhab (tastes bitter) 2- Taste like soda 3- Tastes norman

Spring 4

You can use this water while you are staying in the camp.

Spring 5

20-JUL-17 2:00:40PM Very cold shiny water + green area This is the last fountain you see in the way summit.

Talkhab spring

10-AUG-17 8:19:21AM Bitter Water try it and taste some These are 3 fountain here 1- Talkhab (tastes bitter) 2- Taste like soda 3- Tastes norman

The Cave

10-AUG-17 7:02:56AM You can see it in the Laloon valley. There is a track in other side of the river, to the cave.
Mountain pass

Varzab Pass

10-AUG-17 10:58:02AM You may choose to go from the Borj summit way or the travers to reach the Great Kholeno (Kholeno Bozorg) summit. the traverse is surely easier. Even you can camp here, just be careful about the wind.


20-JUL-17 9:59:19AM It's not as big as the Lalan waterfall but very nice. I had a shower under the waterfall (Jul 20, 2017, 3 weeks before this trip) Freezing, very cold (it was colder than Kholeno lake’s water).


  • Photo of Hengameh

    Hengameh Jul 4, 2018

    درورد بر شما
    چه توضیحات کامل و عکس های زیبایی

  • Photo of Safa Daneshvar

    Safa Daneshvar Jul 4, 2018

    ممنون از شما
    خیلی لطف دارین و مسیرهای زیبای شما رو هم دیدم

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