25.52 mi

Elevation gain

6,808 ft

Technical difficulty

Experts only

Elevation loss

6,873 ft

Max elevation

8,340 ft



Min elevation

3,271 ft

Trail type

One Way
  • Photo of Voels (Fie) - Schlernhaus - Tierser Alpl - Seis
  • Photo of Voels (Fie) - Schlernhaus - Tierser Alpl - Seis




September 14, 2011


September 2011
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8,340 ft
3,271 ft
25.52 mi

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near Fiè allo Sciliar - Voels am Schlern, Trentino - Alto Adige (Italia)

Very difficult track, lots of walking and climbing with bike. I did use my hardtail but to bring a full suspension bike is a must. This track is listed as a cycling track on the Kompas map. Not sure who has made that map but I would not list it as normal biking. More adventure, cross mountain expedition style! I did it anti clockwise, might be better the other way round. But descending towards Voels will be very difficult as it's steep and dangerous. Right now, September 2011 the Prugelweg is partly closed off due to maintenance and the bypass is even more difficult to bike/walk.

1 comment

  • DIegito Sep 20, 2011

    Hi i'm a guide in this area, and i don't understand why peaple publish some tracks like this in a offical kompass map?!? you have to carry on your bike long long time and you are going-driving in a national Park, so if someone make your a problem, its your fould not the other ones!!! you dont't have to climb up to the mountain, you will find a lot more trail down in this area....:) thank you

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