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26.16 mi

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near Rožna Dolina, Šempeter-Vrtojba (Slovenija)

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Counterclockwise - 42 km - difference in height 1250 m.

The tour starts from Gorizia at the Piazzale di Casarossa, it develops almost entirely in the Slovenian territory and, despite developing only a few kilometers from Gorizia, one gets the impression of being in an alpine context. The itinerary passes through various places that recall the memory of the First World War: the monuments on Mount Vodice and the trenches of Mount Sabotino.
The route takes place for the first 7 km on paved roads, and then continue along comfortable mule tracks and fun trails for about 70% of the entire route. For those not particularly fond of the asphalt, you can park your car after the village of Salcano (Slovenia) in a convenient parking spot just before the bridge on the Soča River, and thus avoid another 15% of asphalt, making a ring.

P.za Casarossa1


Rif.Sabotino m.563


Vodice m.664


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