1,231 f
365 f
22.38 mi

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near Trier, Rheinland-Pfalz (Deutschland)

From Trier direct way to Biewer on asfalt, there took the road to the left and continue till you pass under highway. There took off road path on the right side and continue this one to Eiffel Kreutz. This time i took second one on left to arrive same place on a nicer path. Once in the kreutz keep going same direction you arrived (path between kreutz and a kind of wooden refugee) and follow signals for genoveva höhle. From here keep going following signals for Klausen höhle and then to Ramstein Burg. This is a nice path to go, mainly going down.I returned same way till cross just before arrive again to Genoveva höhle and then going up to the hill out of the forest. From there took path to retun to Eiffel Kreutz doing a circle. Also possible to do it from ramstein Burg directly. Once in Eiffel Kreutz again return to Biewer via Auf Der Bausch.


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