16.18 mi

Elevation gain

1,841 ft

Technical difficulty

Experts only

Elevation loss

5,026 ft

Max elevation

3,862 ft



Min elevation

469 ft

Trail type

One Way




May 8, 2010


May 2010
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3,862 ft
469 ft
16.18 mi

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near Obaalacami, Antalya (Türkiye)

For the tough ones. This is an extension of trail #06. This will take you high up on bad dirt roads. These roads are made only for transporting lumber down from the mountains. This is not roads used by any private vehicles.
Be sure to bring sufficient with water and some power bars etc. Once you are out of the mountains/ forest you will find smaller shops where you can buy water and something to eat.
Once you are up you can access to main road. But it is also possible to get some really nice downhill sections on the way back. Be sure to follow the trails also on the way back, other wise all the down hill will be on asphalt.

Important note: Most of the trails must be combined with other trails before being complete. In that way there are several choices for each trail depending on your wishes, skills etc. The best way to get an overview is to open up all trails in Google Earth, so that you can see how they connect.


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