Time  4 hours 3 minutes

Coordinates 3167

Uploaded June 1, 2017

Recorded May 2017

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5,866 ft
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near Huétor Vega, Andalucía (España)

Mythical route where there are in Granada, both for its proximity and diversity of places where it runs. Cortijuela, zetas, deshilla and rio monachil.

As I already knew that they were going to send me fry fries, because in the end I left alone at 4 in the afternoon with a monumental cool, about 34 degrees that just leave and you could see in the back.

To begin with, I am going on the Monachil road to start climbing Colinas Bermejas without a glimpse of air and with the sun giving flat, which I quickly remove from above when I go up the hill Laud until reaching the plains where Some air was blowing though little.

With the heat on I decide to make a obligatory stop at the source of the Hervidero, where I stand exactly at 5:13 and continue on my way to the bridge of the seven eyes where the temperature makes a spectacular turn. Now with a tremendous cool (I really) I continue until the cortijuela where again I stop to drink water and I stop others 5:18 before continuing in the direction of Collado.

From there I go to the Collado del Álamo where I begin to descend the mythical monachil zetas until I take the detour of the Deshilla, so I do not have to go down to the farmhouse. The veredilla has some detachment that another which causes that in some stretches you have to have some skill to sort them out.

Now I only had to go down to the last obstacle, the monachil river that still today falls tremendously with water and with great force. Bike to the back and cross the river to walk to face the last stretches to the wicker, farm Tornero and hill of the dead where you wait for a last asphalt descent to the Purche and from here continue down a mile and a half until you take the road to the snow,

All that was left to do was the road of the Neveros with great caution because more than a descent by land seems to go down by ice, slip enough and the bike sometimes uncontrolled!

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Macareno's House


Espartera's Channel


Seven eyes Bridge


Cortijuela Botanical Garden


The Collado


Alamo's Col.


Diechar Electric power station


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    garciaguerrero Jun 2, 2017

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    The Mythical is the autentic Mythical. Me has dejao traspuesto con la cronica, jajaj. Enhorabuena!!

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    jjcuasi Jun 5, 2017

    Bestial, me la apunto también, no conocía la faceta bilingüe tuya.

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