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  • Photo of Summit
  • Photo of Church od Holly Trinity
  • Photo of Another Holly Trinity church above village of Trnje

Moving time  one hour 58 minutes

Time  2 hours 7 minutes

Coordinates 3595

Uploaded August 13, 2018

Recorded August 2018

3,677 f
1,864 f
16.33 mi

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near Pivka, Pivka (Slovenija)

Very nice hill not far from town of Pivka. After the rain you can see Palsko lake and petelinjsko lake.
Climb on dirt road till you come to the last 2 km which are on very rocky fire road/dual track. Ridable 99%. Descent on classic foot trail towards village of Trnje. Watch out for hikers. Some parts quite technical other really nice single track in forest. The hardest part is at the end last 200 m just above the road.


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