2,650 f
915 f
16.77 mi

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near Moriana, Murcia (España)

Diapositivas de la ruta:

Ruta que trascurre casi en su totalidad por sendas, subiendo la senda del Aguila y al final bajada por las mil curvas.
Hay tramos que con una bicicleta de rally va uno muy justo y para no poner pie al suelo tiene que conocer muy bien el trazado de la trialera, eso si, con una de enduro... a disfrutar de lo lindo.

Fuente del Hilo 782 m


Trasvase Tajo-Segura 342 m

trasvase Tajo-Segura 342 m


  • Photo of blincacequias

    blincacequias Apr 26, 2013

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    Impresionante, autentica MTB

  • MTBrev Jun 5, 2013

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    ¡muchas gracias
    este es un camino fenomenal!

    This is a really great trail. The climb is excellent with some nice smaller down sections in it. There were parts I pushed my bike but it is all rideable. The trail hugs the side of the mountain providing a narrow track which is rocky and loose in places. There are steep sides off to one side of the track and even sheer in places you would not want to fall down.
    The downhill section is awesome with some very technical parts. Some sections I did not wish to ride whilst I was alone in case of a bad crash but it was all rideable.
    I will be returning to ride this track again.
    Next time I think I will ride up the road that divides the two trail sections and then go down the track I rode up (the path of the eagle) as I think it will be an excellent downhill. Then I will ride up the road again and ride down the downhill section through the track of a thousand curves. This figure of 8 will be really good in my opinion.

    Many thanks for this excellent trail!

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