20.1 mi

Elevation gain

1,201 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

1,214 ft

Max elevation

620 ft



Min elevation

194 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Scenic West Clare Ireland
  • Photo of Scenic West Clare Ireland
  • Photo of Scenic West Clare Ireland
  • Photo of Scenic West Clare Ireland
  • Photo of Scenic West Clare Ireland




February 15, 2009


February 2009

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620 ft
194 ft
20.1 mi

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near Lisroe, County Clare (Ireland)

Bicycle Loop including some of the most scenic backroads in Mid/West-Clare, Ireland. The beautiful views you'll encounter (weather permitting) reach from the Connemara Hills to the Kerry Mountains, from the Atlantic Coast to the Burren and East Clare. Route is (with the exception of 300 meters) on nearly traffic-free paved single lane country roads through woodlands, across scenic bogs and along hidden lakes through the rolling hills of West and Mid Clare. Limited parking, best places to start are across the Bogdale Pub in Kilmaley or from the Crosses of Annagh Pub near Miltown Malbay (adds ~5 kms to the route). The very scenic picnic area at Millenium park invites for a break. Bicycles for hire in Miltown Malbay and Ennis,. Co.Clare. More of the area on and
Car park

Bogdale Pub

Plenty of Parking space here, also a good place for a pint!
Car park

Crosses of Annagh Pub

Some kilometers of the track but lots of Parking space here. Traditional Music sessions in the "Kitchen" every now and then, and great "Craic" on Willie Clancy Week.

Millenium Park Picnic Area

Very quiet and scenic picnic area at the edge of a forest near Doolough Lake.


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