Time  2 hours 14 minutes

Coordinates 1738

Uploaded September 3, 2013

Recorded September 2013

1,290 f
811 f
17.15 mi

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near Saeul, Diekirch (Lëtzebuerg)

Saeul - Brouch following mostly the official MBTrack

At the end, I missed to take the left turn on intersection at km 23 without sign. I made a northward detour with a return passage through the filds which might not be possible depending on the season. Stay on the mountain bike track the last 2 km... =turn left at km 23!!
containing a waterbed. Skill required!
currently difficult due to tractor wood works
Getting out from here is a very narrow path through the greens. Skill required!


  • Photo of Coachman-Tom

    Coachman-Tom Sep 3, 2013

    currently rough steep uphill, difficult because of woodworks. https://de.wikiloc.com/routen-outdoor/saeul-brouch-5178430#wp-5178434/photo-2681886

  • Photo of Coachman-Tom

    Coachman-Tom Sep 3, 2013

    Amazing downhill, down this way, parallel to the official MB Track which is really rough in this passage. However to get back out from here to the official track takes some skill through the farn and a narrow path... Take this alternative route only if you have skills. https://de.wikiloc.com/routen-outdoor/saeul-brouch-5178430#wp-5178436/photo-2681893

  • Photo of Coachman-Tom

    Coachman-Tom Sep 3, 2013

    Carpet Crawlers https://de.wikiloc.com/routen-outdoor/saeul-brouch-5178430#wp-5178432/photo-2681877

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