Time  7 hours 53 minutes

Coordinates 2790

Uploaded September 5, 2014

Recorded August 2014

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near Seminyak, Provinsi Bali (Indonesia)

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A bicycle route through these Balinese lands, through which many would circulate in other times. Nowadays, the biggest percentage are motorcycles, we have to exercise caution on the road, because sometimes it is chaos. We will go from the Seminyak Beach, in the tourist area of ​​Bali to one of the most beautiful temples of the Island the Pura Tanah Lot, which is about 20 km.

We started right from the Hotel, very close to the Seminyak Beach, where we rent bikes for 13,000 rupees a day by bike, we must bear in mind that in this country we drive on the left. We go walking around, until we find a small temple called Pura Petitenget, very close to the sea. The visit to the temples should be done with appropriate clothing, with a Sharon is enough to access and not disturb the people who are inside. This small temple is quite beautiful, we see how they are performing a ceremony and we join it, to cleanse our spirit of everything that does not serve us, to be happy.
We continue our way, and now the roads become local roads, where we notice the pressure of the circulation enveloping us, we arrive at the Pura Tanah Lot temple, a beautiful place, we have to pay a small amount to enter 30,000 rupees, we leave the bikes parked the entrance of the place. It is a complex of several temples, close to the sea and just the most beautiful is separated from the coast, you have to access crossing a little over the sea. If the tide is low, there is no problem, but if it is high, it costs a bit to get there, because the force of the water is noticeable. We take a little walk around, flooded with tourists, who come in buses full of staff.
The return we make it by the same way that we have come, shortly after leaving the temple, we see a small restaurant next to the road, that catches our attention, already tightens the appetite, so, we decided to stop. A local beer, the Bintang, will help us to make appetite, accompanying a good grilled fish, which for these Lares is terrific. Now to start again, the road becomes a little heavier on the way back, the slopes are more noticeable, but we do not have much left to finish our bicycle adventure in Bali. Greetings and enjoy the route.

Total time: 7h 58 '
Moving time: 3h 16 '
Time stopped: 4h 30 '
Average total speed: 5.1 km / h
Average speed in movement: 12.4 km / h
Average total rate per KM: 11 '42' '
Average pace in movement by KM: 4, 50 ''

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Sacred architecture

Templo Pura Petitenget

Sacred architecture

Templo Pura Tanah Lot


Warum Restaurante


  • yolandasnbh Sep 9, 2014

    Lo más complicado de esta ruta es en la gran cantidad de circulación de motos y vehiculos. Pero pedalear por estos paisajes bien perece la pena un poquito de riesgo.

  • Photo of Nimbus30

    Nimbus30 Sep 26, 2014

    Hay que pedalear hasta en el fin del mundo.

  • Photo of antotemo

    antotemo Sep 29, 2014

    Ya te digo Nimbus30, cualquier parte de la tierra es bueno para ello.

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