4,946 ft
2,379 ft
28.35 mi

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near Turkey Pen Gap, North Carolina (United States)

Pilot Rock MTB ride per Ann's Garmin Oregon 400t Data.


  • Photo of Randall MTB

    Randall MTB Dec 7, 2009

    A great ride with a long fire road/single track climb and an excellent rocky switchback decent. Take friends, food, and a change of socks. There are four creek crossings at the beginning and end of this ride.

  • mtns4me Nov 21, 2011

    Thanks for posting but I would advise all except the most hardcore riders to avoid this trail. Unless you enjoy having to dismount frequently, traversing steep sections of hike-a-bike, and lots of rocky descents with tight switchbacks, leave your bike at home as this would make a great hike instead!

  • Photo of Randall MTB

    Randall MTB Nov 21, 2011

    I changed the trail rating to "Very Difficult" based on the above comment. Although I believe this trail would fall under "Difficult" for the experienced Pisgah mountain biker. Pilot Rock is not a beginners trail but one of the best technical descents in Pisgah for the experienced mountain biker...

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