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Recorded November 2015

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near Rochester, England (United Kingdom)

Route 17 of the National Cycle Network, starting in Rochester and finishing in Ashford, first section of the "Pilgrims Cycle Trail" from Rochester to Canterbury.

The route is correctly signposted, except for a few places where some additional signs would help finding the way more easily. But in general the trail is quite clear, always heading South East.

Roughly one half of its 50 kilometers is off-road, always following nice and easy paths.

When muddy, as they were in November, those paths become harder to cycle and are clearly not adequate for road bikes. Even with a hybrid bike some parts of the route were quite difficult to cycle. The best choice on wet days is by far the mountain bike. (Did it again in July, was then ok with a hybrid bike, but the weather has to be very dry for this.)

Some off-road tracks are shared with jeeps and motorbikes, sometimes with more traffic there than what was found on the on-road sections...

The route, being mostly flat, has several slopes which in the end make some 800 meters of ascent.

There are several pubs on the way, one of them just halfway, The Dirty Habit, in Hollingbourne. And then at the end of the route, when entering Ashford, you will find several fast food restaurants at the Eureka Leisure Park.

Route 17 finishes in Ahsford, where it meets Route 18, which may take you to the left (North) to Canterbury if you want to complete the "Pilgrims Cycle Trail", or to the right (South) to Ashford International train station, where this track finishes. After Ashford station, Route 18 continues towards Royal Tunbridge Wells.

If you need to return by train to the starting point be prepared to pay between 16 and 24 pounds, depending on the train you take (high speed or not).

Great route!
Train stop

Ashford International


Bluebell Hill car park






Fast food restaurants


Hollingbourne (Pub)

Train stop

Rochester Station


Route 18 (end of Route 17)


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