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Uploaded September 5, 2011

Recorded September 2011

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near Hyattville, Wyoming (United States)

This is a roller coaster ride through one of the more magnificent canyons in all of Wyoming. Shuttle to the top and make sure your brakes are up to the task. There is an entrance fee: it is called fording Paintrock Creek (the BLM in its infinite wisdom thought the bridge was unsafe so they burned it - as if fording the creek is safer). There is also a fee to re-enter the real world: that is riding out of the canyon back to the Cold Spring Road.

How to get there: From the Town of Hyattville, drive up the Alkali just a little to the Cold Spring Road, Drive all the way to the end of the pavement and start up the gravel. After one mile you can park one vehicle at the takeout - Paintrock trailhead. Keep up the hill to the Forest Service. There are a couple turns, the first is to the right, the second is to the left. This will land you at the very top of the switchbacks. Park here and let the fun begin.

At the end of the canyon you have to go through the Hyatt Ranch, now owned by John Alm. There is an agreement to allow the public through from May 10 through September 30. It is somewhat difficult to figure out which road to take to get out. I don't know that the road I took was the right one but it worked. I turned north at the "bone yard" where a bunch of farm equipment sits idle and other associated farm stuff.

On my track I went past the Paintrock trailhead and continued on to Medicine Lodge State Park where my vehicle was parked.


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